Project Description


Videobronchoscopy is a medical imaging technique that allows interactive navigation inside the respiratory pathways and minimal invasive interventions. Tracheal procedures are ordinary interventions that require measurement of the percentage of obstructed pathway for injury (stenosis) assessment. Visual assessment of stenosis in videobronchoscopic sequences requires high expertise of trachea anatomy and is prone to human error. Accurate detection of tracheal rings is the basis for automated estimation of the size of stenosed trachea. Processing of videobronchoscopic images acquired at the operating room is a challenging task due to the wide range of artifacts and acquisition conditions. We present a model of the geometric-appearance of tracheal rings for its detection in videobronchoscopic videos. Experiments on sequences acquired at the operating room, show a performance close to inter-observer variability.




Hospital de Bellvitge (Barcelona)


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