Project Description


Plants transport water from root to leaves through a network of tubular conduits call Xylem. The conduits size and connectivity determines the plants hydraulic properties. Micro-CT series have recently arisen as a powerful imaging modality for extracting the xylem network.

The project consists of the development of a computer vision system for 3D modeling and recontruction of plant xylem network in order to determine plants resistance to extreme climatic conditions. The 3D recontruction task of Xylem net is done using Micro-CT image processing. Extraction of  the xylem  network characteristics (conduits and  membranes defining their connectivity) is  achieved using Micro-CT series.



Hospital Sant Pau


Extraction      of     the     xylem     network characteristics   (conduits and  membranes defining their connectivity)   is   achieved using Micro-CT series.

A main challenge is preserving small conduits (of the order of microns), as well as, thin separating membranae connecting conduits in highly noisy images. A structure preserving smoothing (SPD) developped in our lab is applied to filter texture while preserving consistent biological structures.  After such smoothing, simple morphologic operators reconstruct the 3D topology of the Xylem network.

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