Project Description

Metamorphosis is a project born under the first edition of the proposal supported by Vice-Rector for Students “Creador en Residència” program. In this edition, Jorge Rodríguez Gerada,  resident artist, wanted to paint a face that represents an entire community, such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as large graphite portrait  on the wall of the Student’s building at the plaça cívica for public exhibition.


  Face modelling


Autonomous University of Barcelona


Vice-Rector for Students



For this purpose 3d face analysis from a member of the uab’s community was required. In this initial stage the  faces of each volunteer would be merged into a single model. Therefore, there was a  need for a computational system for 3D scanning and 3D morphing system.

  • 3D Scanning: low cost subsystem for the translation of 3d  objects into a mesh-like structure. The system consistst on a camera, a cannon projector, a laptop and a 3D model acquisition software provided by  David Laserscanner (Germany).
  • 3D Morphing: Development of custom 3D morphing algorithm based on the existing 2D morphing approach by Beier and Mealy.


Further applications

Today, the system has artistic application, but the is a potential  for many industries involved in the simulation of mechanical deformation. It may also be useful in the field of research in the study of behavior and three-dimensional reconstruction of the deformation of human organs.

A 3D scanning system has endless possibilities,  since it allows three-dimensional digitization of any object that otherwise should be recreated through modeling manual.

In the media: the face of the UAB

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