The aim of CPAP study is to test the effect of applying positive airway pressure (PAP) during CT acquisition to improve segmentation, particularly at end-expiration.

CPAP DataBase is a register built for this study and records data on CT acquisitions in inspiration and expiration with 4 PAP protocols. Were recorded prospectively and compared to baseline inspiratory acquisitions in 20 patients. The 4 protocols explored differences between devices (flow vs. turbine), exposures (within seconds vs. 15-min) and pressure levels (10 vs. 14 cmH2O). .

CT scans were acquired with a 320-detector row, 0.5 mm slice thickness, at intervals of 0.4 mm, 80 × 0.5 mm collimator, tube voltage of 100 kVp, and tube current adapted for sex and body mass index..


If you want to use this dataset in your research, please cite this database as:

Diez-Ferrer M, Gil D, Carreñ̃o E, et al. Positive airway pressure-enhanced CT to improve virtual bronchoscopic navigation. In: AABIP-CHEST; 2016


Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Hospital de Bellvitge


Fundació La Marató de TV3. Spanish projects RTI2018- 095209 -B-C21 and CERCA-Programme

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